The Internet is a terribly sexist place and nothing proves that more than Google Autocomplete, which autocompletes potential searches with terms people often use on Google. Case in point: Start typing in 'women' in Google and see the weird and wild Autocomplete suggestions you get.

BuzzFeed Shift decided to have a little fun with Google Autocomplete and find out what the Internet—Google pretty much dictates what the Internet is—thinks about women. From what women are and aren't (crazy and not funny) to how they should behave (be silent in church but not wear pants) to even how the Internet likes women (as much as they like getting high). It's hilarious but awful and awfully hilarious all at the same time.


My favorites of sexist Google Autocomplete:

  • I think women and seamen don't mix
  • I like women taller than me
  • I don't like my women single
  • Which women can I marry in Skyrim
  • Why don't women dunk
  • Why can women not use Rogaine for men

Check it out at BuzzFeed. [BuzzFeed]

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