Google Earth Helps Spot Swastika-Shaped Building

Illustration for article titled Google Earth Helps Spot Swastika-Shaped Building

Google Earth is once again changing the world —or, more specifically, they're changing the way swastika-shaped buildings are built. The Navy is spending upwards of $600,000 to modify a 40-year-old barracks that, when viewed by satellite imaging programs like Windows Live and Google Earth, looks like a giant swastika. It's nice that the world has the ever-vigilant Google Earth watchers to monitor the shape of our buildings, otherwise we'd end up spending $600,000 dollars on something worthwhile, like making California's TransAmerica building look less like a giant penis. [MSNBC]


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idiots... hitler's swastika is an "inverse" of that which was used by the various asian cultures in which their swastika represented peace (confusing, probably messed that up, but makes more or less the sense i wanted it to). hitler's swastika was intended for peace, but his regime got out of hand (well, it worked too well); then we get our negative connotations to the picture and word "swastika". this building, IMHO, was probably masterminded by a very smart german whose parent was probably part of the SS; way to go, german engineers; you've made our past 4 decades a blast.

btw, this picture is HELLA old.

and as for strider; that truly was one of the fewer funny things i've read in a while.