Google Field Trip: Exploration Without the Effort

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There are gems of historical info or culinary value hiding in plain sight on your very block, but you have no idea. Unless of course you're using Google Field Trip.

What does it do?

Uses your location to notify you when you're nearby something worth checking out, whether that's good shopping, good eating, or good exploring, based on tips from the experts.


Why do we like it?

Until today, this app was only on Android, and we've been longing for its iOS launch. Because we love discovering new, cool things, especially if it's a delicious food item or an under-the-radar boutique. Google pulls in tips from tons of blogs and publications—Thrillist, the Food Network, Refinery29, Cool Hunting, and Zagat of course—to send you a push notification when you're by something of note. It's not just for walking, either. If you're driving, the app will read off the same things it would send you notifications for otherwise. Exploration has never been so easy.


Google Field Trip

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The Best:

No effort on your part

The Worst:

There's never enough time