Google Glasses Still Make You Look Nerdy

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If you're Katy Perry, you'll look dumb wearing the Google Glasses—at least in their current prototype form. And unfortunately, being a Google billionaire won't make it any easier to pull off the look, either. Larry. Larry...


TechCrunch was tipped off by someone in Page's London audience, where he strutted around stage with the futuristic specs on. They're still pretty far from flattering. Given that they won't have the superpowers we saw in the first promotional video, Google is going to have to make these things a hell of a lot more visually palatable if they're going to be anything more than a CEO toy. Remember: real people use real things, and real people don't have billionaire's indifference. [TechCruch]


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Mr Multiverse

Normally I tolerate the "hey these are dumb, aren't they dumb? Don't they look dumb? Let's laugh." articles, but really, guys. They aren't even out of the prototyping phase, nobody in the major public has them yet, and you have not ceased bashing them?

Here's the rub: augmented reality outweighs "silly" looks any day. If it keeps close enough to what Google advertised it does (in that concept video a while back), then I don't care if the thing covers my entire upper body, I'm probably going to justify buying it.

And yes, a lot of people have "billionaire's indifference," mostly because it's the same as "common indifference."