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Google Goggles Now Searches Without Having to Take a Picture

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Your time is precious. Why should you waste it taking photos with Google Goggles to enable a search? Starting today, you don't have too.

Until today's update, Google's all-knowing visual search app only worked if you took photos of items. See a painting you like, take a picture and tells you the artist and the title. Take a photo of a bar code and Goggles will give you product information. Continuous Mode, the best part of today's Googles update, does away with that cumbersome step—most of the time. Google says that the new mode works best with books, products, artwork and landmarks. Translating text and adding contacts won't work with Continuous Mode.


The app also received improved text recognition, so you can make sure those phone numbers on the bathroom stall at your local bar are real. You can go pick it up here: [Android Market via Phone Scoop]