Google Maps' New Ads Appear Even In Embarassing Searches

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Google just rolled out a new set of ads, making the total number of ad-based revenue streams roughly equal to the number of petabytes they search daily. This one appears at the bottom of the map when you search for a fairly generic topic. After I saw it written up on CNet, I gave it a try, and as you can see from my image above, the ads pop up even if you're searching for things you'd really not want broadcast to to the world, a stark reminder that the thing called privacy is just a memory from a time before electrons and radio waves joined us all. In this example, I chose "erectile dysfunction" as the search term, and you can see what comes up. On the left there is a single ad followed by presumably helpful resources. But below the map, there are three ads, which you can navigate through with the arrow buttons. The first was Viagra, the second Cialis, and the third was the rather shadier sounding one you see above. The funny thing is, not all embarrassing searches will serve up an ad. ED was actually my second choice after "escort." While the Google search itself naturally turned up plenty of services in the Seattle area (gotta be something to keeping all them highly paid Microsoft software engineers happy), there was no ad. So get scramblin', Sweet Cherries Escort Service—there's a vacant ad space on Google that could proudly bear your name! [CNet]