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Google Search Is Giving Sports Fans More Info in Search Results Now

Illustration for article titled Google Search Is Giving Sports Fans More Info in Search Results Now

ESPN and Google has partnered up to show microdata in baseball searches. Sounds nerdy. And it is! But it's incredibly useful for a sports fan, whenever you search for a player, team, etc., you'll get a little blurb with relevant scores, stats, etc. tied to the ESPN result.


It's actually something Bing has had for a while and a feature I loved since a quick search would show me my favorite team's past few games and upcoming schedule without having to delve into the heavyset sites of ESPN or Bing's implementation is still a little bit better as the stats, scores, etc. data pops up above all searches while Google's new sports microdata is tied to wherever the ESPN result is on the page. Sometimes that can be buried pretty deep. Still, it's nice to get a quick reminder on how good (or bad, in my case) your team has been doing or a quick look at your favorite player's stats.

Right now, the microdata only pops up on baseball searches (hopefully they'll be around when football starts!). I'd much rather Google ditch the ESPN partnership and show me all the stats up top like Bing though. [Official Google Blog]

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Ah, the last place Dodgers. Music to my ears.