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Google Shopper Visual Search App Officially Confuses Me: WTF Is Google Doing?

I don't understand Google Shopper. Not because the function—searching for books, CDs, DVDs and more by using the cover art or barcode—is confusing. But because they already have a visual search app built into new Android phones, Goggles.


Goggles does the same thing: You take a picture of something, like a book cover, and it searches for it. I get that Shopper is slightly different, with more of a direct Amazon-competitive slant, since you can bookmark products to buy them later (presumably through Google Checkout).


But why not just integrate that into Goggles? Why the hell does this separate other product exist? Like Fake Steve says, WTF is going on over there? Android and Chrome OS? Wave and Buzz? (Okay, Buzz and Wave aren't an entirely fair comparison, though try explaining them to a normal person.) Now Goggles and Shopper? Am I just missing something? [Google]

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Christopher Cox

Okay I read your post and couldn't help but to shake my head thinking WTF is Matt thinking? How are you comparing Buzz and Wave? Those are two COMPLETELY different things. Why would they integrate? Wave is for collaborative communication and helpful in online discussions. Buzz is for status updates. And the Android/Chrome thing? WTF? Android is an OS for mobile phones. Chrome is a Linux based OS meant for netbooks. That is like me saying Why the hell does Microsoft create Windows 7 AND Windows Mobile when they could just integrate?

Everything you mention in your post are separate for a reason and cannot be compared or confused with one another.