Google Spam Filtering Now Works for Your Phone

Google spam filters have been a godsend to my inbox, eliminating the 500 or so unwanted emails I receive per day before they ever sully my inbox. Now, Google's doing the same to telemarketers.

The new "Report Spam" button in Google Voice does exactly what the "Report Spam" button does in Gmail— it keeps the riff-raff out of your inbox. Using both their own filtering algorithms and users' feedback, Google Voice now automatically intercepts and redirects known bunk numbers directly to the spam folder— that means no more unsolicited calls, voicemail or texts.

To activate this feature, simply go to the Calls tab in Google Voice settings and select Global Spam Filtering. And, just like Gmail, messages incorrectly tagged as spam can easily be corrected with the "Not Spam" button. [via Google Voice Blog]


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