Google Tells FTC: Not Our Fault that 'Our Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard'

As the FTC prepares to launch a major investigation into Google's "core search advertising business," the search giant has issued a preliminary statement on its official blog today, restating the company's core values. They also took pains in stressing the fact that consumers can just as easily enter the address of a different search engine (the word "choice" comes up no less than five times in the post) and that Google's market-share is a result of search quality rather a matter of force, ala the Microsoft IE debacle of 1998.


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Everyone has a choice to switch from Google to Bing. Everyone had a choice to switch from Windows to Linux or to Macs. The problem here isn't that their search has an effective monopoly, that's fine to a certain extent. The problem here is that they're using their monopoly in one area (search) to get an unfair advantage on their competitors in other areas. That's abusing your market position and it usually has the outcome of making the market less free.

A lot of commenters aren't thinking very comprehensively, it makes me think you're one of those free markets types that believes the market should be so free that it ends up being dominated by a few players and thus ceases to be free.