Google Wallet Can Now Store Gift Cards and Pester Your Friends for Money

Illustration for article titled Google Wallet Can Now Store Gift Cards and Pester Your Friends for Money

Google Wallet's latest update includes several new features, including a way to store gift cards and a way to easily harass your friends to pay you back.


You can bug your friends (by sending what Google calls a "friendly nudge" but what most people will call a "UGH I KNOW") to pay you back for that beer money they owe you via Google Wallet now. If you kinda hate the mooch of your friend group, this is a great new way to shame and alienate them. And if you're the one who forgot to pony up your share of the Coors Light bill, you can send money within Wallet using your debit card, of course.

On the less potentially obnoxious front, the update lets Wallet users keep their gift cards on digital file by taking a picture of them, or manually entering the information. For certain cards, you can check your balance within Google Wallet— and it will even alert you when you're near a store that you have a gift card towards.

Wallet is also now supported in Spanish, though it still only works within the U.S. Need it, want it, gotta have it? If you download the newest version in Google Play or the App Store, the update rolls out this week.



I would love to see an article comparing Wallet to Venmo to Paypal. I was a big Venmo user for a while but Wallet's physical card is really winning me over. Make's splitting the bill a lot easier when everyone can just fund to my card right then and there.