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Google's New Hands-Free Feature Will Let You Pay With These Magic Words

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

“I’d like to pay with Google.” Say that phrase at a shop’s register, and you could soon check out without even touching your wallet—or phone. It’s called Hands Free, and it comes on the heels of Google announcing its upcoming payments app, Android Pay, at I/O.

With this hands-free method, it seems you simply approach the cashier, recite the incantation, and an app apparently reacts, instantly charging your bank account. No more swiping and re-swiping credit cards or fumbling through mason jars of pennies. You don’t even need to lay a finger on your phone. Plus, you’ll need your hands free to carry your greasy, cheesy purchases: The first two business that will partner with Hands Free are McDonald’s and Papa John’s.


It’s pretty cool... except for the fact it turns you into a human billboard for Google. Maybe they’ll add different phrases as the service rolls out (it’s being experimented with in the Bay Area first), but we’re guessing being forced to declare “GOOGLE!” aloud will always be required.

At yesterday’s keynote, Android Pay was formally revealed: a mobile payments app that’ll be available at 700,000 stores, and simply involves tapping your phone to a terminal, and voila. Bank account charged. And Hands Free seems to have just one-upped it.

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Image credit: Hands Free YouTube