GoogleTV Beta: Annoying Easter Egg or Shenanigans?

Now this, my friends, is fishy. Some vidcast on YouTube called "Infinite Solutions," a show that just so happens to have posted all 4 of its episodes about 12 hours ago, claims to show us how to sign up for a super-secret beta of GoogleTV. You need to jump through a bunch of hoops, including having to log in and out of Gmail until a "random number generator" gives you an invite based on the number of times you've logged in. Right.

We here at the Giz are very skeptical but have been trying despite our better judgment to no avail. There are plenty of reasons to think this is BS, including the insanely cheesy intro to this video (oh, that music!), but just the idea of being able to play around with GoogleTV gets our tents popped all over the place.

Anyone with more patience than us want to see if they can prove/disprove this? And someone find out who this Mark Erickson character is, will ya? Internet detectives, do your thing.


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