GoPro Hero Wide Helmet Cam Gets Upgraded With 1080p, 720p Slo-Mo

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Brian enthusiastically called the original SD Hero helmet camera, an easy-to-use wide-angle shooter, "cheap and amazing." With 1080p recording and 720p slow motion capability, GoPro's new Hero sacrifices a little of that first adjective for a ton of the second.

Cosmetically, the HD Hero is basically indistinguishable from the previous version, and the similarities run deep: it's got the same 170° field of view, an identical 5MP still shooting mode and the same water-resistant credentials. But hardware performance has been bolstered elsewhere, with support for 30fps shooting in 1080p mode and 60fps shooting in 720p, all powered by a larger 1100mAh Li-Ion battery for up to three hours of recording per charge.


For such a large performance jump on such a new camera a price hike is inevitable, but it's really not that bad. The $300 price is at least in the same range as the $200 base model, and judging by the previous model, I'd expect the footage—especially in the 720p slo-mo mode—to be fairly spectacular. [HelmetCameraCentral via EngadgetImage from Freeskier Mag]

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Is it just my geeky mind, or does anyone ELSE see Iron Man Mark I inspiration in that helmet??