GotWind CES Tent Uses Solar and Wind Power to Recharge Gadgets, Not Tired Bloggers

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GotWind is no stranger to charging gadgets using wind and solar power, and at CES this year there were on hand to recharge people's mobiles with a handy locker/charging station for geeky journalists.

Their tent, sponsored by LG, had connectors for a variety of handsets (good on LG for that), and I've read scattered reports today that said you'd get about a 30% charge in 30 minutes.


Now, if they could only find a way to recharge our exhausted CES 2009 staff, who are no doubt spent after their extensive conference coverage and a few innocent pranks. Those CES massages were a start, but only a start. I imagine they need something more.


TreeHugger has some video of a GotWind rep explaining the system and making a charge: