GPS Shoes Help Locate Wandering Alzheimer's Patients

Illustration for article titled GPS Shoes Help Locate Wandering Alzheimer's Patients

Did you know that Alzheimer's patients frequently suffer what are officially called "critical wandering incidents"? These shoes have an embedded GPS chip that sends an alert via Google Maps so the lost senior can be located.

The shoes, developed jointly by Aetrex and GTX, should be available by the end of the year. And if you're wondering about the very non-Giz, non-snarky tone of this post, it's dialed down a bit because now that John McCain is no longer in the limelight, I can't think of a single unoffensive Alzheimer's joke to make. You see, when you're implying a person of political power is senile, it's satire, not snark. [ABC]

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This could help me find my shoes. I dont have alzheimers, I just misplace my shoes sometimes. Its like they walk away on their own.