GPS With Real-Time Traffic Info Can Save Four Days of Driving a Year

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Four days a year and 21% less CO2 emissions. That's what a GPS with real-time traffic information will give to you, and the entire planet. At least, that's what maps maker Navteq says. As you can expect, there's a catch.

The study—conducted in Dusseldorf and Munich, in Germany—had three groups: One with GPS without real-time traffic, another with GPS units with real-time traffic information, and a third one—the control group—without any GPS.


The results were clear, according to them: Drivers with real time-traffic information will spend 18% less time going to places. That's four days a year, which—if you ask me—is quite a lot. The study also found that these drives traveled shorter distances and times, which decreased yearly CO2 emissions an average of .79 metric tons. This resulted in 21% less carbon dioxide.

So what's the catch: Those percentages are compared to drivers "without navigation." Their press release fail to provide information on GPS without real-time traffic information systems. Highly suspicious, if you ask me. [Autoblog]