There are plenty of electric bike designs out there, but few (possibly none) can compare to the Grace E-bike. Its CNC-aluminum frame is fitted with eurofighter and Formula One parts, and it has a top speed of 40 mph.

So it's a hell of a lot cooler and more powerful than a scooter, moped or Segway—but the 1300 watt lithium ion-powered motor will only take you between 18 and 31 miles on a one hour charge (depending on weight). That's not enough to make it a serious mode of transportation, but if you live in an urban area it might make some sense. You don't need a parking spot and you can ride it in the same areas as a traditional bicycle. Of course, that kind of flexibility won't come cheap. Expect to pay €5877 ($8742) for the Grace E-Bike when it ships in January. [Grace via DVICE]