Green Umbrella Gives You One Extended Warranty For Almost All Your Gadgets

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Green Umbrella has a very interesting service plan: a all-in-one extended warranty plan that covers all your gadgets for three years. You pay $9.99 a month, and it'll cover most of your home electronics (TVs, Computers) and appliances (Washers, Dryers, Refrigerators, Microwaves) as long as they come with at least a 90 day warranty if you purchase after you sign up, and 1 year if you purchased before. The downside is that they don't cover cellphones, and they don't cover accidental damage.


Is this worth it? It depends on your luck. Most products don't break within the first three years of their lifespan, but if you buy enough STUFF, the odds are that at least one of your things will break. Since we're all Giz readers here, we're likely to fall under this category. So here's the bottom line. You're paying $360 over the course of three years (the extend that they cover a product) for this. If in that span of three years, something(s) breaks that will cost more than $360 to fix or replace, you're out in front. If not, you're out $360.

We can't say whether they're good with honoring repairs since they're a new company, but they are owned by the parent corporation Experian. Does Experian ring a bell? They also own, which signs you up for a $14.95 a month fee when you get a "free" credit report from their site. [Green Umbrella]



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