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If you don't mind calling attention to yourself, maybe the Griffin Disko carrying case for iPod with video is just what you're looking for. Its motion-sensitive blinkinlights outline the clickwheel, blinking their fool LED heads off whenever you move. There's also a eerie-looking back/side case light thrown in for fun.

It uses its own wafer-shaped batteries, so it's not going to suck the life out of your iPod battery. It'll be $30, fits 30, 60 and 80GB iPods, and will be available just in time for all that Christmas shopping that's coming up much too soon.


Whatever. It's just another case for an iPod, but this time with annoying disco lights. So what? Wouldn't you much rather have the Griffin Centerstage, which actually adds the functionality of a video-viewing stand to its protective capabilities?

Product Page [Griffin Technologies]