Grumby: Mt. Fuji

I don't care what anyone says—we are in a golden era of music. We're still close enough to popular music's origins to have an appreciation for the basics, the immediate earnestness of a musician and his guitar. But we've really just begun to scratch the surface of the wild, fantastical sounds we can make thanks to technology's helping hand, and because this wired way of making music is still so new, artists are still excited by the prospects of what they can do. We're not bored—the possibilities are just starting to become apparent.

And that passion is really part of what's so wonderful about Grumby—a Brooklyn-based production duo whose first and foremost goal is enveloping you in their trippy beats out of a drug-induced dream. Trying to actually get their name out is a pretty close second, though. But if the above track, Mt. Fuji, is any indication, getting eager ears shouldn't be too much trouble at all.

This song is the first single of their upcoming debut EP, also named Mt. Fuji. That's later, though. For now, just sit back, shut your eyes, and let the sounds of R&B-cum-hip-hop-cum-EDM-cum-new-wave melt the week away. [Grumby on Facebook, Soundcloud]

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Golden era?!? You do realize this is the same era Lady GaGa and Justin Beiber exist, right? Now there are some good music out there, you just have to dig. Unlike previous generations when the "pop" music was the Beatles or the Moody Blues, now whoa do we have?