Werner Herzog’s New Volcano Documentary Looks Beautiful and Terrifying

Image: YouTube
Image: YouTube

Check out the trailer to Werner Herzog’s newest documentary Into the Inferno for everything you would expect: beautifully filmed, panoramic shots of far-away places you’ll probably never visit, non-stop narration oscillating between cynicism and soaring existentialism and even ancient Norse doomsday poetry.


The film debuts on Netflix next Friday (October 28), and it looks like another classic. The famed German director partners up with volcanologist Clive Oppenheimer in his latest journey to visit active volcanoes in Indonesia, Iceland, and Ethiopia. The quest the two men begin has an ambitious and very broad goal: to understand these magnificent forces of nature. And, as expected, the documentary about volcanos is also not really about volcanoes (“But what we were really chasing was the magical side, no matter how strange things might eventually get...”) and is really about us (“It is a fire that wants to burst forth and it could not care about what we are doing up here.”).

Early reviews are saying this documentary is another great one from the legendary director with the Rotten Tomatoes score currently hovering at 92 percent. If you’ve liked Grizzly Man or Encounters at the End of the World, you’re probably going to love this one.

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Herzog on human culture:

Hopefully Into the Inferno is coming to UK Netflix as well.