Gutterglove IceBreaker Melts Deadly Icicle Spikes

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Sure, it's Summer now, but in a few months some of us will be dodging falling icicles again (especially Chicago come Spring). If it's a concern at your house, this heated gutter-guard melts icicles and snow quicker than most.

"IceBreaker is so efficient, that only one heat cable is needed to melt the ice in and on your gutter. We emphasize a single cable because a couple other gutter guards that claim to be heated, use two or three cables to achieve what IceBreaker can do with just one cable."

Personally, I've never had to clean my house's gutter. I'm still a renter, forever put off household jobs, and that's also what the iRobot Looj is for. But it's interesting to see that the Icebreaker will also filter out leaves, pine needles and roof grit during the rest of the year.


While it's still warm out, home owners can get all DIY with the IceBreaker for $5.50 $16.97 per foot. [Gutterglove]