Click to viewThis arm belongs to Joe Tamargo, marketing genius, delusional dimwit or both, I don't really know. Some people do tigers, others do Zunes, some Nintendos and even Windows crashes, but Joe gets tattoos of completely unknown sites. We asked him why. Check his explanation and a video with all his body ads after the jump.

Joe seems to sell body space for advertising —or at least wants to sell it. Since you are reading this, getting some media attention apparently works. He even appeared in Conan O'Brien showing his now-obsolete tattoo. What about the paying part? Can any company really want to be associated to the skin of some anonymous man? Is this real?


When I saw it, my first thought was that the whole thing was a hoax. "Nobody would get tattoos advertising bland sites" was my thought, not such a human specimen could exist. However, by Joe's own account and looking at the videos, it seems I was wrong.

JD: Are they real?

Joe: Sure they are real

JD: But are they permanent or do you use disappearing tattoo ink?

Joe: Nope, they are all totally real.


JD: Why, why, why? WHY?

Joe: I actually like tattoos. I love these websites

JD: So tattoos of bland sites for life in exchange of a few seconds of publicity?

Joe: What's so different? People tattoo dragons, skulls and all sorts of meaningless stuff on there bodies all day long. Getting a, and tattoo is a positive thing.


JD: Hrmm. Kind of a good point (although at least dragons have some kind of artistic value, I guess.)

Joe: These three websites alone can teach you all the skills you need to become successful on line, so I stand for what I believe in :-)

JD: Are you aware that this post is not going to be very positive for you?

Joe: Thats ok, No such thing as bad press.


Indeed. Tell that to Martha, Joe. And your grandchildren, when you are 80 and you have to explain the mess.

But what do you think, dear readers?


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