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Guys transform old Cadillac into world's fastest hot tub

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Many years ago these two engineers drank a keg of beer and decided to transform a 1969 Cadillac into the fastest hot tub in the planet. After several attempts their carpool is ready—now they are asking for your help to take their invention to the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, and set their silly speed record.

This is how they built it:

Acquire a well-loved 1969 Cadillac in generally sound mechanical condition. Convince AAA that you should get free towing to retrieve it.

Remove superfluous interior, underhood and trunk components by any means necessary.


Install enormous steel reinforcements designed to support thousands of pounds of water.


Using plywood, make a mock tub in the car's interior. Try not to glue your fingers together more than fifteen times.

Using medium density fibreboard (MDF), make a negative tub mold. Sand for what seems like a million days. Spray many gallons of noxious chemicals onto it to make it smooth and shiny.


Lay up fibreglass onto the mold to create the custom tub.

Separate from the mold using compressed air.

Drop it into the passenger compartment.

Reverse the effects of time and collisions on the quality of the bodywork.

Lay down a sweet paint job.

Reinforce, repair and paint the frame.

Get 472 cubic inches to play nicely together.

Drop body on frame like they did back in Detroit.

Park some heat exchangers in the passsenger's foot well to heat the water in the tub using the engine.


Make a custom air-ride suspension system.

Polish about a zillion pieces of chrome.

Make custom fibreglass for the dashboard and other components.

Remember to take care of the little things.

Make a custom roll cage that conforms to the SCTA safety requirements.

Presto! Carpool DeVille!

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