Illustration for article titled Guzzle Buddy Turns Wine Bottles Into Wine Glasses So You Can Sip Without Shame

Until humanity learns to accept everyone’s quirks, drinking straight from a wine bottle will continue to be frowned upon. That doesn’t mean you’re going to stop doing it, but at least the Guzzle Buddy makes it slightly more socially acceptable.


It looks like a wine glass with a wine stopper on the bottom where you’d normally find a stem. But when jammed into the neck of a bottle, instead of sealing up your Chardonnay, the Guzzle Buddy allows you to drink it straight from the bottle like you were sipping from a wine glass.

Clever, right? There’s also the added bonus that for $22, it guarantees no one else is going to ask for a glass of wine from your bottle...because they’ll assume you’ve already backwashed into it repeatedly. Is there a downside to this invention we’re just not seeing?


[Guzzle Buddy via Fancy]

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