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Gym Car Concept Sounds Both Healthy and Extremely Dangerous

Illustration for article titled Gym Car Concept Sounds Both Healthy and Extremely Dangerous

Designer Da Feng created the Gym Car mockup that includes a near-complete home gym as well as a Batmobile-esque carbon fiber exterior. No word on the safety of doing bench-presses while driving.


The car's interior features a step machine, rowing machine, bench press, pull-up simulator and weights, and the energy outputted during a workout would go to powering its batteries. The exterior design of the car is supposedly inspired by World War II fighter planes, which sounds a lot more professional than "inspired by Batman."

Given the many laws prohibiting something as easy as talking on a phone while driving, we've got to believe the transit authority would frown upon any combination of exercise and driving, but I could see the benefit of a little stationary bike or something to help pass the time during a long commute. [Jalopnik, Wired]


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