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Hackers Could Help Prisoners Escape

Illustration for article titled Hackers Could Help Prisoners Escape

Another scary finding from the DefCon hackers' conference: prisoners could escape from their jails, if hackers decided to lend a hand and hack into the prison's security systems.


A couple of years ago a prison's cell doors accidentally opened after a power blackout, which led security engineer John Strauchs to make the startling discovery that it would be possible to maliciously release the cell doors in a similar way.

While he hasn't obviously tested it out on a living, breathing prison, it's worried Strauchs that prison guards use the internet on the very same computers that control their security systems. One click of a stray link, and the wall of security could fall away. [Huffington Post]


Image Credit: Richiesoft

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Well, ONE wall of security. You still have the physical fences and wire and other barriers in place.