Hajime Sorayama's gorgeous Iron Man suit is becoming an expensive Statue

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Back in 2012, famed Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama created a variant cover for Marvel's Iron Man #18 featuring a new suit for Tony done in his classic style - and now Gentle Giant have finally gotten around to turning it into a pricey statue for us to ogle.

The 1/4 scale statue clocks in at around 19 inches in height, so it's a pretty hefty hunk of resin, but my word it's a pretty one:


Even if it doesn't capture the ultra shininess of Sorayama's original art - one of his hallmarks - the aesthetic and the colour scheme are enough to make this a great looking suit. I love the way the to part of the face mask is raised almost like a little pair of golden horns - it breaks up the sleek lines really nicely and makes the headpiece stand out a bit more. The eyes even light up too, because it's Iron Man, of course they do.

All this prettiness comes with a cost though - when the statue is released late next year it'll set you back a cool $500. That's a whole lot of cash for a lot of pretty.


[Gentle Giant, images via Marvel.com]

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