Half of American Adults Under 30 Don't Even Bother With Landline Phones

The FCC wireless communication report is out and what does it tell us? People under 30 hate landline phones. In fact, 51% of adults between 25-29 pledge complete loyalty to their cellphones.

From the report:

For adults aged 25-29, more than half (51.3 percent) lived in households with wireless-only telephones, which is the first time that wireless-only households have exceeded landline households in any of the age ranges examined. For adults aged 18-24 years or 30-34 years, approximately 40 percent lived in households with wireless-only telephones.

And despite what Lenny Kravitz might have you thinking, the landline phone is not poised to make a comeback. [FCC via Ars Technica]

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Do 50 percent of American Adults under 30 even talk on any phone these days? The only thing I see my 21 year old son do is text. If copper only had SMS ...