According to an online survey polling 2,250 Tokyo shoppers, over half prefer to use electronic money cards instead of cold hard cash or other tender. Will a similar trend follow in the States when such cards become commonly issued?

It's notable that there are "over 130 million e-money cards issued," which amounts to "more than enough for Japan's estimated population of 127 million citizens." I wonder why only about half appear to prefer using the prepaid e-money cards when there are enough for everyone out there. 'Fess up. Who's hogging the cards?


Actually, I can kinda understand why someone is snatching these cards up: they make you feel like a magician! While they work like prepaid debit cards, e-money cards (Suica, Edy Cards, and similar) are contactless smart cards which just need to be waved at a kiosk, vending machine, or terminal. This is similar to RFID tech found in some credit cards in the States, but way more commonly accepted overseas. I can't wait until e-money cards are commonly issued here so that I can feel like Cinderella's fairy godmother every time I shop for gifts. [NIKKEI]

Photo by VS Medios

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