Halloween Was Two Days Ago But I Can't Stop Thinking About Cardi B as Poison Ivy

One interpretation of Poison Ivy.
One interpretation of Poison Ivy.
Image: Warner Bros. Interactive

The Halloween season has officially ended, but it takes time to fully process the number of good costumes out there. Celebrities, especially, have it particularly good when it comes to Halloween and often get amazing costumes as a result. After all, not all of us can afford to have a costume made for us and photographed by professionals. I’m lucky to make it to Halloween Express every year.


That doesn’t mean the costumes celebrities come up with are any less enchanting, though, and I have to admit I am extremely taken with one in particular. Cardi B’s Poison Ivy is here, it’s calling to us all, and it’s incredible.

The rapper and actress posed for an amazing picture in her costume, and it might be the best live-action interpretation of Poison Ivy I’ve ever seen. The villainess is a fan favorite for good reason: she’s all style, with her sleek green plant-styled clothes and her sharp red hair. But in live-action she hasn’t gotten her due. Uma Thurman looked pretty great as an especially glitzy Ivy in Batman and Robin, but that movie, well, is controversial to say the least.

Cardi, though? She absolutely nails it. The long, long, long hair is amazing, and the detailing on the costume pieces is excellent. She has the vibe down, too, and it has me suspecting Cardi would make an excellent Poison Ivy. Warner Bros, are you paying attention? Because you should be. If Robert can be Batman, Cardi B absolutely deserves a go at Poison Ivy.

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Dr Bob

Poison Ivy ..Cardi B .

Well I guess both of them have a history of drugging guys to rob them so hey! Seems appropriate !