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Hands-on With the Slim Aluminum Apple Keyboards

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Click to viewWe just played with both the new Apple keyboards, both wired and wireless, and found them actually quite good. It's no longer mushy, like the old models, but almost exactly like the keys on the MacBooks now. They have the same space between individual keys, and pretty much the same tactile feel when you press down on them. Which is great if you like laptop-stlle keys (like us).

The large wired keyboard has a num pad, new Function keys replace the old F-keys—just like we saw on the net already.


The small wireless keyboard, on the other hand is almost exactly like the MacBook keyboard. There's no number pad and the arrow keys are shrunken, but there's no extra "enter" key to their left. Both models feel the same.

These boards are actually very thin and very low to the ground (desk). The back is raised, so it's slightly more ergonomic. All in all, it's quite comfortable, and I could type pretty fast on it (faster than Mercury News' Dean Takahashi, at least).