Back in 2005 a designer named Hayat Benchenaa developed a concept alarm clock that was suspended from the ceiling. When the alarm sounded in the morning, all you needed to do was give it a smack to continue snoozing. However, doing so would cause the alarm clock to retreat further towards the ceiling, making it more difficult to reach the next time around. Apparently his design has made it into production (or someone beat him to the punch) with a version of the Hanging Alarm Clock that you can actually buy.


The new and improved device functions almost exactly like the concept version, except you must actually press the snooze button instead of smacking it. It also features the Close Encounters theme as the alarm sound—which is a nice touch. All in all, it promises to be the most annoying way to wake up this side of the flying alarm clock. Available for about $40. [Crazyaboutgadgets via GeekAlerts]

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