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It was only 30 years ago this week that JVC received a IEEE milestone for development of the VHS Video along with releasing the first VHS player. You kicked that Betamax's ass right to the curb and you can celebrate three decaded later by watching HD DVD kick another Sony proprietary media to the curb, Blu-Ray.

I wasn't even alive at the time of your birth, but you still managed to kick-start my life of stealing video media with the help of recordable formats, like VHS. Some companies may still make VHS players, or combo players, but it is inevitable that you have died. Rest in peace VHS, rest in peace.


To celebrate the life of the VHS, I ask you, the readers, to share your favorite VHS memories. My favorite memories were when I was a kid—I turned the VHS player into a secret cave/hideout for my Ninja Turtles. My mom got pissed that I was cramming Ninja Turtles in the VHS player, but she got over it.

Happy Thirtieth Birthday to the VHS Video Format [Gizmag]

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