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If a source is to be believed, Apple is currently in talks with Immersion Corp. regarding haptic technology implementation for the iPhone. Immersion Corp. solutions have been implemented in Samsung handsets in the past and it now looks like Apple want in on the action. The conjecture gathers weight thanks to Clent Richardson, a former Apple executive that has just been appointed as Immersion Corporation's CEO.


According to, the two companies have already met, with a follow up meeting planned for next week to discuss licensing terms of Immersion's haptic technology. The iPhone would likely receive force feedback via inbuilt sensors, meaning a vibration of sorts would be output at the touch of on screen buttons, which would make the absence of a physical QWERTY that much more bearable. We'd probably give our right bionic arm (if we had one) for such haptic feedback on the iPhone, so we're hoping these rumorings are as solid as well formed stool. Until we hear something concrete, we'll keep you entertained with poo jokes. (See above.) [Palluxo]

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