Harion Glass Speakers Look Like They're Worth A Fortune, Because They Are

Illustration for article titled Harion Glass Speakers Look Like Theyre Worth A Fortune, Because They Are

Japanese firm Hario just came up with this rather beautiful new speaker system, dubbed Harion. So far, so groovy. It's made of heat-resistant glass (the first to be like it, according to Hario) and the woofer, two tweeters and two mid-range speakers proved so complex to create that it took a small army of companies—23 in total—to work out how to make them. And its hand-made. So far, even groovier. Here's the un-groovy bit: all that beauty, presumably wonderful sound quality, and custom-made design means they cost $168,000. Why do you need heat-proof speakers anyway? Go get some glass Sony Sountinas: they're about 17 times cheaper. [Crunchgear via Gearlog]


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I was under the impression that wood is generally used for its good sonic characteristics. I mean, you're never going to find glass speakers in a recording studio, unless it's just too new an idea to be there yet (which I doubt).

These are also probably crazy heavy.