Harlan Ellison is selling his rare books (and he wants you to buy them)

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The venerable Harlan Ellison is cleaning out his archives and holding his third "Great Book Purge." Over the next three days, Ellison will be selling tons of rare books and screenplays, including his first edition script for I, Robot.

From July 6-8, Harlan's wife Susan will be taking orders over the phone. Lines will be open two hours each day (9 AM - 10 AM and 4 PM - 5 PM, both PST). During the ordering process, Susan advises callers to "have patience, scream, and use finger puppets." Should you make it through, here are but some of the 200+ goodies you can order.


Here's the brochure and full ordering information. There's a ton of oddball reading material for sale, such as Ellison's scripts for the Terminator-esque The Outer Limits episode "Soldier." Ellison sued Terminator production company Orion Pictures for plagiarism — the lawsuit was eventually settled out of court.

You can read more about Ellison's sale at his website.

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