Harman Kardon BT and AE Headphones: Minimal Naming Matches Minimal Aesthetics

This morning Harman Kardon unveiled a new line of over-the-ear and in-ear headphones with inline remotes and mics designed for use with the iPhone and iPods. In fact, the headphones are not only functionally compatible, but with gently curved boxy designs and aluminum finishes, they're aesthetically compatible too.

The standouts include the AE or 'Acoustic Excellence' in-ear model with 9mm drivers that work in conjunction with the headphones' metal housing for increased low-end bass performance. It's available now from Apple's online and brick and mortar stores for $150, and includes a series of both foam and silicone sleeves depending on how much noise isolation you're after.


And if it's an over-the-ear design you prefer, without having to deal with a tangle of wires, Harman Kardon's BT headphones offer a Bluetooth connection to your iPhone or iPod Touch and complete control over your music using a set of playback buttons on the outside of one of the ear cups. Battery life is rated at an impressive 12 hours on a single charge from an included USB cable, but users have the option of switching to a headphone cable for wired playback when the headphones are completely drained. The BTs are also available now from Apple, but with a slightly steeper $250 price tag.

[Harman Kardon]

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