Game of Thrones

Author George R.R. Martin, who is closely involved with the TV adaptation, discusses where the series is headed long-term: [MTV] Click to view


Actress Roxanne McKee says her character Doreah is an ex-courtesan-turned-handmaiden...who still kinda works as a courtesan too. She also raved about the sets for the show, calling them "out of this world." [View London]

The Walking Dead

Star Andrew Lincoln offers this teaser of what's ahead in season two:

"More sweat, more blood, more tears, more fears, just bring it! I think we can go darker and we found that there are strengths to the show and hopefully we focus on that."


[E! Online]


Star Yvonne Strahovski discusses where Sarah is headed the rest of the season: [SpoilerTV]

Episode sixteen is apparently now "Chuck vs. the Masquerade", a change from the reputed original title "Chuck vs. the First Mate." [ChuckTV]


The seventeenth episode is reportedly called "Chuck vs. the Bank of Evil" and features two main guest stars: Riley, a possibly recurring lawyer in his 50's, and Henry VIII. That probably isn't the real monarch, but rather an impersonator of some sort. The Bank of Evil itself is a corrupt bank guarded by Asian mercenaries and managed by the evil Mr. Aleixo. [ChuckTV]

No Ordinary Family

Here's a bunch of photos for episode 15, "No Ordinary Powell": [SpoilerTV]


Here's a pair of preview clips for this Friday's midseason premiere, "Like a Virgin":

Here's a short synopsis for episode 15, "Unforgiven": [Supernatural]

Sam and Dean are lured to a small town, where they learn some disturbing facts about Sam's behavior when he previously lived there and worked on a case with his grandfather.


Rob Benedict will reportedly return as prophet Chuck Shurley. [BuddyTV]

The upcoming fifteenth episode "The French Mistake" will reportedly feature Brian Doyle-Murray as the alternate universe Bobby and Lanette Ware as Raphael. [SpoilerTV]


Lucifer actor Mark Pellegrino is doubtful whether the Devil will ever return, but he'd be interested in seeing his original character, the human vessel Nick, make a return:

"I think that in the Supernatural realm anything is possible, but in the same token, it seems as if Lucifer used up the vessel. I was falling apart! I'm hoping Nick has a resurgence and becomes a devil hunter."


[E! Online]

Being Human (US)

Star Meaghan Rath explains what's ahead for the characters:

: "You watch their struggle. There are very interesting storylines for each of us [coming up]. So, it's that in combination with how we are together as a core unit. It's heartbreaking and it's funny and it's scary and it's colorful and haunted and everything that it should be."


[E! Online]

Young Justice

Robin voice actor Jesse McCartney explains his character's season arc:

"At this point, early in the first season, he's this prepubescent, cocky kid who thinks he's got it all going on. And of course Batman puts him in his place. You'll see by the end of the season that he proves himself to be a natural born leader. He knows he has to cut back on the cockiness and realize that he has lives in his hands now, and he's gotta be a young Batman."


[TV Guide]


Here's a promo for the next episode, "Collateral": [OSCK]

Additional reporting by Michael Ann Dobbs and Charlie Jane Anders.