Has Marvel already picked someone to play Scarlet Witch in Avengers 2?

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Mark Ruffalo addresses the latest rumors of tense Avengers contract negotiations. Zoe Saldana talks Guardians of the Galaxy while John Cho previews Sulu's role in Star Trek Into Darkness. Jenna-Louise Coleman and Steven Moffat drop cryptic Doctor Who hints. Plus Robocop set videos and a new After Earth clip. Spoilers!


Top image from Man of Steel.

Star Trek Into Darkness

John Cho discusses in general terms what's ahead for Sulu in the sequel:

I'll say that he's there, he's growing and he's challenged. I hope that people enjoy watching him as much as I enjoyed myself on the bridge again. I guess I can talk about the opening sequence, since it was part of the nine minutes that a lot of people saw. That was me, Zach (Quinto) and Zoe (Saldana). That was fun. It was some high-flying antics for Sulu. It was a chance to be in another ship; that's what I took away from it. It was so cool. I can't tell you how nifty it is to be in one of those vehicles and to pretend that you're piloting it, because nobody gets to see what we see, which is that every detail of the design is so perfect. It makes our job, one, easy, because you don't have to pretend to be doing things. You can feel like you're really just doing them. And, two, it's just a beautiful design. It doesn't make it on to the screen, a lot of it. Let's just say I took a lot of video.

What's your gut instinct on the film?
The parts I've seen are so thrilling. I'm assuming that everyone has seen the nine-minute trailer, and I've probably seen another 20 minutes. I was completely thrilled with what I've seen so far. What I got from it is, as always, the characterizations are en pointe. The adventure sequences are unbelievable. Something the last movie did that this movie does too is that it's grand fun. I love the action sequences. I love seeing the different locations. From what I can tell, the humor is intact. I was just really happy with what I saw.

[Star Trek]

Man of Steel

Here are three new behind-the-scenes videos focusing on Superman's various powers, namely strength, speed, and flight.

The Avengers 2

Bruce Banner actor Mark Ruffalo responds to the recent rumors of tense negotiations between the Avengers stars and Marvel Studios:

I haven't caught wind of any of that. I was surprised to hear it, because I don't even think anyone's really started negotiating yet.

So there's no reason to panic?
No. [Laughs] Maybe people should panic, but I don't see a reason to panic.

As far as you know, everyone is back?
Yeah, as far as I know. But sometimes actors are the last people to know what's going on.


Meanwhile, here's an intriguing casting rumor from Superhero Hype regarding the Scarlet Witch, who is more or less confirmed to be making her debut in The Avengers 2 alongside her twin brother Quicksilver:

Although Joss [Whedon] is still writing and probably not ready to send anything out to actors, for the two roles, they're generally looking for actors in their 20s and we've heard word that the "prototype" for their Scarlet Witch is none other than Irish actress Saoirse Ronan. Except something to note is that they're going "British" for the role rather than trying to have actors playing Eastern Europeans.


Leaving aside the rather culturally crucial point that British and Irish still aren't the same thing, this all seems plausible enough, especially since Ronan is the sort of rising European star who would fit well in a big ensemble blockbuster like this. Still, it's best to take this with a grain of salt, as it's still a rumor from an inside source at a very, very early stage in development. And even then, even if we grant that the rumor is true, it's explicitly pointed out that Ronan is just a "prototype" for the role, meaning there's zero guarantee that she would actually be offered the part, let alone take it. So, it's all pretty insubstantial, really... which is actually why I find this rather more plausible than the usual inside source rumor. [Superhero Hype]

Guardians of the Galaxy

Star Trek and Avatar star Zoe Saldana discusses her newest big space opera franchise, in which she plays the green-skinned superhero Gamora:

It makes me excited that I'm going to be a part of something, a world that's going to challenge me – I mean, I'm going to get to play green, I've been a blue one, so might as well be green. I really like the director, James Gunn, I responded very, very well to the script. I loved the casting decisions they've been making so far. I can only hope we kick ass and we have a great time while we're putting the film together. And that the result of that, the audience will respond very positively to it and hopefully we'll be able to make just as much as Iron Man is making right now.

When you get involved with Marvel, or even Star Trek or Avatar, they make you sign these multi-picture deals. What is it like for you to be involved with now what might be three franchises?
I haven't thought about it that way, up until this tour actually, when it was brought to my attention. I read scripts and if I respond well to the story and especially to the character that they want me to consider or that I'm going after, that's what I do. And then, all of a sudden I stop, and I go back and go, "Oh my God! These three things have so much in common," and then I just keep going. It's not something that I'm strategically looking after or that I'm finding because I'm avoiding other things. It just so happens that I'm in a frenzy, I've been in the last couple of years in action frenzy and I guess I gravitate a lot towards these kinds of characters that are very physically active.



X-Men: Days of Future Past

Director Bryan Singer tweeted this photo of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine and Nicholas Hoult's Beast, both rocking some '70s garb. [@BryanSinger]

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Here are some set videos from the recent reshoots in Vancouver for Jose Padilha's Robocop reboot.

You can check out some accompanying set photos right here.

After Earth

Here's a sneak peek clip from M. Night Shymalan and Will and Jaden Smith's latest. [Collider]

Doctor Who

Star Jenna-Louise Coleman offers these cryptic hints for this Saturday's series seven finale, "The Name of the Doctor":

In the beginning we see a Clara in the 60s, 70s and the 80s so there are a lot of costume changes, which I love. Always one for a bit of dressing up, me. Love a red carpet. Richard E. Grant is back with his evil Great Intelligence, the Doctor's greatest secret is revealed, all of his friends rally round to protect him and we finally understand why the Doctor has met Clara so many different times.


And here's the Radio Times synopsis for the episode:

Clara receives a letter summoning her to a mysterious meeting, where she is given a message for the Doctor. The meaning is uncertain, but when an enemy strikes the Time Lord is left with no choice but to travel to the one place in time and space he should never go - into a deadly trap that threatens to unravel his past, present and future. Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman star in what promises to be a thrilling climax, with Alex Kingston returning as River Song. Sadly, fans will have to wait a full six months for their next Who fix, until the much talked-about 50th anniversary special which is due to be shown in November. Last in the series.


[Doctor Who News]

And here's another trailer for the episode. [Blogtor Who]

Here's an interview with Steven Moffat in which he discusses the 50th anniversary special, and he basically says that he has still yet to say anything official about what's actually happening in it, notwithstanding all the set photos from exterior filming, and so he suggests most of the rumors about the special really have little to do with what's actually in it. [Blogtor Who]

Meanwhile, looking further ahead, Moffat does offer some concrete confirmation that series eight is indeed happening, in case there were any remaining doubt:

Series eight is absolutely, definitely confirmed. It is real and it's happening - it's [taking up] most of my time at the moment.


[Den of Geek]

Game of Thrones

Here's a trailer for this Sunday's episode, "Second Sons." [Coming Soon]


Here's the description for next Monday's episode, "Clue":

NORA IS LEFT FOR DEAD AND MONROE IS STALKED BY RACHEL AS MILES SEEKS A MURDERER AMONG HIS CORE GROUP- A captive Nora (Daniella Alonso) is tortured and left for dead. Monroe (David Lyons) learns of Rachael's (Elizabeth Mitchell) attempt to reach the Tower but is unaware of her deadly plan for him. Meanwhile, Miles (Billy Burke) is desperate to find out how so many of his close associates are being brutally murdered. Later, Miles, Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos), Neville (Giancarlo Esposito), Jason, (JD Pardo) Hudson (Malik Yoba) and Sanborn (Leland Orser) struggle to make it out of the Plains Nation to join Rachel and save her from what they believe to be certain death. Also starring Zak Orth, Colm Feore, Russ Blackwell, Patrick St. Esprit, and Tarek F. Alame.


Under the Dome

Here are descriptions for episodes four through seven of CBS's upcoming summer adaptation of the Stephen King novel:

Episode 1.04 – "Outbreak"
An epidemic breaks out in Chester's Mill, and the clinic is running out of medicine to treat people.

Episode 1.05 – "Blue On Blue"
A soldier outside the dome tells Barbie that the military is getting ready to leave, and that the government is afraid that the dome is starting to affect magnetic fields.

Episode 1.06 – "The Endless Thirst"
Store looting becomes a problem when the townspeople worry that water and food are running out.

Episode 1.07 – "Broadcast Signal Intrusion"
Joe and Norrie head for the center of the dome to try to find what's causing it. Harriet goes into labor.




Here's a first look poster for NBC's newly ordered series.

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Orphan Black

Here's the promo for this Saturday's episode, "Entangled Bank."

The Vampire Diaries

Here's a sneak peek at this Thursday's season finale, "Graduation."

American Horror Story: Coven

Creator Ryan Murphy announced via Twitter that Angela Bassett — who I'm guessing would really prefer I didn't refer to her as Green Lantern's Angela Bassett, so I won't — and Tony-winning singer and stage actress Patti Lupone have joined the cast of American Horror Story's witch-centric third season. [EW]


Additional reporting by Amanda Yesilbas and Charlie Jane Anders.




Did we all catch that tiny little drop in the 3rd Superman promo, where producer Charles Roven implies that super-speed is a talent that 'Kryptonians' have and would exploit when fighting their enemies?

Maybe I'm reading into it, but it sounds like Krypton is a whole planet of superpowered beings that fight like that all the time, as opposed to being a result of being exposed to our yellow sun. Not that "exposed to a yellow sun" makes any more sense, but I'm not big on effing with the mythology.