HDTV is Good, but Fire Truck HDTV is Way Better

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Hannspree knows that they aren't gonna grab anyone's attention here at CES with boring, run-of-the-mill HDTVs. There are about 500 other companies showing off HDTVs, and let's be honest — once you've seen a dozen big HDTVs, you've seen them all.

Well they figured out one way to get our attention, and it's to stick a run-of-the-mill 42-inch HDTV in a big fire truck. It's the perfect way to spoil your kid, because everyone knows that watching an HDTV on anything but a replica of a rescue vehicle is bo-ring. No word on pricing or availability, as they're holding out 'til their official press event Tuesday for that, but who cares? Just enjoy the photo and feel good about your parenting skills for not even considering buying this.


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