Hearing Aid Vacuums Might Be Handy For Earbud Maintenance

The Renew is a tiny handheld vacuum, with an even tinier syringe nozzle, designed to suck dust, debris, and earwax out of a hearing aid. And as gross as it sounds, it might also be an effective way to improve your headphones' sound.

Particularly if you're fond of the earbuds that use a silicone insert to deliver sound deep into your ear canal while blocking out surrounding distractions. Like it or not, the inside of your ear's a dirty place, and anything you stick in there is bound to get clogged with earwax. And for $60, this simple AA-powered vacuum is an easy way to fix a pair of earbuds that might sound muffled because they're clogged with crap.


The only question then is how you go about cleaning out this little vaccum? Because emptying a container full of earwax is just about the most unpleasant thing imaginable. [firstSTREET via Inventor Spot]

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