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Help Wanted: SF/NYC Summer Interns

Illustration for article titled Help Wanted: SF/NYC Summer Interns

It's almost Summer again, and that means we're looking for a pair of interns to add to the Gizmodo lineup. We need one intern who lives in the NYC area and another who lives in the SF Bay Area to give a minimum of 20 hours a week for 2 months (though we won't object if you want to add an extra 40 hours to that). If it works out, you can stay longer. Here's what we're looking for...


• Completed, or working towards, a degree in Journalism (English, tech and science degrees OK too) -or- equivalent writing experience in online or tech media

• Passion for Gadgets and Technology

• Solid writing ability (excellent grammar, spelling, mechanics)

• Basic HTML and Photoshop ability

• Reliable mode of transportation (for SF candidates)

• Good organization and attention to detail (cliched, I know, but a must)

• You HAVE TO live within commuting distance of SF or NYC

An understanding of how news and media works is a plus, but not a must. A small monthly stipend will also be included, but it won't get you out of your parents' basement. Send an email with a brief intro, your resume, three writing samples (published clips or fake, "Giz style" posts on the gadget news of your choice) and five favorite gadgets (be creative, dammit) to with the subject line "SF Intern" or "NYC Intern". Please, no attachments, but links are OK.

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OK I'll do it. Just one thing you should know....

I don't give a shit about journalism.

I will hit on female commenters indiscriminately.

I will be pranking you with a TV-B-Gone at random

And I'll be using Remote Desktop to somehow fuck with your macs.

Vote for Kaiser!