Here Are Some Last-Minute Leaks Ahead of Apple's Big Event

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Even though Apple’s fall launch event is happening later today, it seems last-minute leaks just can’t be contained now that even more info about updated iPhones and the Apple Watch has trickled out.


The first tidbit is that, based on product sitemap files found by ATH buried within, the names for Apple’s new iPhones seem to have been confirmed by the company itself. Later today, we should see Apple announce the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and the iPhone Xr.

Furthermore, those same files point to a range of new color options for the iPhone Xr. The device has been rumored to be a slightly “cheaper” alternative to the iPhone Xs and its expected $1,000 price tag. Upcoming hues apparently include black, white, red, yellow, blue, and coral(!).

As for the Apple Watch, the sitemap files indicate that it’s also due for a size increase with cases for the new watch apparently coming in at 40mm and 44mm versions, up from the 38mm and 42mm models currently available. Color choices for the Apple Watch look to be limited to silver, space gray, and gold, however it seems there will be a few interesting new band options from Nike and Hermès along with a number of new colorful silicone iPhone cases (available in midnight blue, white, black stone, Product RED and various leathers) to help spruce up Apple’s devices.

Meanwhile, as it typical does shortly before major product announcements, Apple’s normal online storefront has been replaced with a notice saying that Apple is making updates to the Store.

In case you’ve been living under a rock and are trying to catch up on all the Apple news and leaks up ‘til now, check out our Apple Day and iPhone primers here and here. Don’t forget to check back for our live coverage of everything that’ll go down later today on our liveblog, too.



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