Here's an iPad Controlled by a Magic Mouse

OK, so remind is this thing not considered a netbook?

I mean, I'm half-kidding, but with keyboard and Bluetooth mouse support (granted via jailbreaking of course), the iPad in this video is basically a shinier non-portable touchscreen netbook.


Redmond Pie provides a summary of this fairly regressive "hack":

So the other day, I gave BTstack Mouse app a go on my jailbroken iPad and was pretty impressed with the result. Not only did it worked with Apple Magic Mouse, but also with almost all the other Bluetooth enabled mice I had. For those of you who don't know, BTstack Mouse is a free utility which was first released earlier this year for jailbroken iPhones and iPod touch.

If you click through to the source link there's a set of instructions. Naturally, if you read the site this week you know how we feel about jailbreaking iPad/iPhone devices. Here's how to do it. [Redmond Pie]


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