Here's how the wheels of the supersonic car are made

When you're trying to build the fastest car in human history, like the guys making the Bloodhound SSC, you have to make wheels that basically re-invent the wheel. To reach 1000mph and go supersonic, the wheels they're using weigh over 230 pounds, nearly 3 feet wide and spin four times faster than a F1 car.


They not only have to be the fastest wheels in history, they have to be the strongest wheels in history since they have to support all that speed and force and gravity and hopes and dreams.

For comparison, a F1 car's wheels weigh 33 pounds, are a little over 2 feet wide and spin at 2500rpm (the Bloodhound SSC zips around at 10,200rpm). It's a wheel but it's also something much more insane.

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