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Here's How to Check If the Apple Store Has an iPhone 5S in Stock

Illustration for article titled Heres How to Check If the Apple Store Has an iPhone 5S in Stock

As it seems to go every year, iPhone inventory is depleted from the Apple Store. You have to sift through wooden shelves for a single speck of a goldpagne iPhone 5S, pray to the angels for a white 5S and... well, you can actually get a 'space gray' iPhone anywhere you want. If you want to save your self a disappointing trip to the Apple Store though, developer Mordy Tikotzky made a nifty tool for you to check iPhone 5S inventory online at iPhone-Check.


Just input your zip code, select the color and carrier you want and it'll show you in which size your 5S is available (if it's available at all). It's a super quick way to check multiple stores in your area. [iPhone-Check via CNET]

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shipping time from AT&T is 28-42 business days. Or you could not be a loser, and get a Samsung Galaxy phone. Your call.