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Here's How to Watch Google I/O 2019

Google CEO Sundar Pichai delivering last year’s Google I/O keynote
Google CEO Sundar Pichai delivering last year’s Google I/O keynote
Photo: Getty Images

Once again, it’s time for Google I/O. The search engine’s annual developer conference kicks off today in Mountain View, California, and is expected to showcase a number of new Google products and projects spanning Android Q, Pixel phones, and even some advancements into smart home tech.


I/O is a three day event, but the main keynote begins at 10am PT (1 pm ET), and is scheduled to last about 90 minutes. That’ll be followed by the developer keynote at 12:45 pm PT (3:45 pm ET). You can either livestream it at Google’s I/O event site, or watch it via the Google Developers YouTube Channel. Or you could chill out here and watch the embed below.

What should you expect to see? Well, we have a whole blog about that, but in short, it seems like 2019 will see Google building out its broader Android ecosystem. Still, don’t count out the possibility of Google throwing a few curveballs into the mix.

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Is this really an annual thing? I swear they do this at least 6 times a year.