Here's The Most Unintentionally Hilarious Scene From Last Night's Under The Dome

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So people often ask me, “Dome, what do you STAND for?” Like, they want to know what my core principle is. What are the foundations on which this Dome rests? And after last night’s Under the Dome, I have an answer: I’m all about polygamy, apparently.

Or specifically, polygyny. Check out the hilarious clip above from last night’s “Plan B,” in which Christine recovers from her infected stab wound by having sex with Junior. (Because oxytocin is magic, duh.) And then Junior is all like, “I thought I was your mate,” and she reveals that her life cycle is coming to an end, and no amount of sex with young men with puffy lips will keep her alive indefinitely. But it’s okay, because Junior is destined to have MANY mates. There’s just too much Junior to go around, and we can’t condemn him to being a one-woman man.

So now you know why I sealed the town of Chester’s Mill inside a closed-off environment — to create a breeding stock for Junior to impregnate. Um, yay?


Unfortunately, it’s all too good to be true, as Junior soon learns. Because Christine needs a dozen of the most nubile young ladies for herself, to sacrifice in order to help the new Queen (who was just conceived a day earlier) to be born. And that’s not going to leave a lot left over for Junior, after all. See his consternation for yourself:

This show is finally achieving its true potential as a comedy, and all that needed to happen was for me to calcify. Sigh.


Also in last night’s episode: Julia captures Barbie and spends the whole episode torturing him and trying to free him from my brainwashed masses. And she finally succeeds, as you knew she would, but only after nearly dying. And Norrie conveniently decides to blame her mother’s death on Christine, rather than, you know, the people who actually killed her mother. Big Jim gets way too many points for acknowledging that the disabled Hunter can still be useful (because he’s actually the only one who’s doing anything useful, whatsoever.) And Sam, who’s fully zombified, helps recapture Joe for Christine, while sending the “Millers” with torches to kill Big Jim, Hunter and Norrie. And as the episode ends, Ava is getting ready to give birth to the new Queen, with the help of 12 young female sacrifices.

Is the new Queen getting born going to be like when the Monarch was crowned? That was a lot of fun. Me and my butterflies enjoyed that. We can only hope!